1st Kanata Scout Troop Information Page

This page of the website contains information pertaining to the Troop under the 1st Kanata Scout Group.  It is primarily intended for Scouts and Parents; it provides what we hope is the latest information on forthcoming meetings and events.  In the calendar below, all the planned meetings and camps are shown; however, the primary information resource for all scout activity is ScoutsTracker and all registered scouts have their own ScoutsTracker account.  As that is updated, changes will be reflected automatically in here.  Please note that Google Calendar can take up to 12 hours to show changes made in ScoutsTracker. If you ever ask the question 'what time should I be where tonight and wearing what?' this is the place for you. 
The Scout Troop meets weekly Mondays from 7pm to 9pm at the Beaverbrook Community Centre, 4 Beaverbrook Road, Kanata, ON.

For more information about Registration and Group Events, please go to our main website found here.


Troop Schedule