Emergency Preparedness CHALLENGE Badge

FOLLOW this document to earn your EP Challenge Badge

  • DOWNLOAD the Emergency Prepardness Challenge Badge WORKBOOK HERE
    • 1st Kanata Scouts are OK to take a picture of their emergency kit and show it to the leaders instead of bringing in the actual kit (as described in #3 of the workbook).
  • Chief Scout's Emergency Preparedness REQUIREMENTS PAGE
    • There are many resources here, including the link above.
  • The requirements of the EP Badge are:

    1. Describe three situations that would lead to a community emergency. Describe how emergencies can affect the local community and the people in it.
      1. a) Create/update a Family Emergency Plan and discuss with your family.
      2. b) As a patrol, create a Troop Emergency Plan and present it to your troop. The Court of Honour will agree on the final Troop Emergency Plan.
    2. Create/Update an Emergency Survival Kit for home use (to support your family for 72 hours).
    3. Identify a person in the community who would possibly require help in an emergency (e.g. someone with special needs, a senior) and how you could assist them.
    4. List three emergencies that are created by climate/weather. What would you do to prepare and react to those?
    5. Earn the First Aid Badge.
      1. Most Scouts will be able to get their first aid in 3rd year, at which time the EP badge would also be awarded if the preceding criteria have already been met.
MAKE YOUR PLAN (part of the badge requirements):
Other Resources:

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